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daVinci Xi Surgical System

Barton Memorial Hospital is home to the new daVinci® XiTMsurgical unit, the latest in robotic-assisted surgery, which includes a new overhead arm that replicates the surgeon’s anatomical movement. It's compact design features improved vision definition and clarity, and a greater range of motion than ever before.

“We are proud to offer advanced technology for our patients. As a leader in our community’s health, Barton invests heavily in making the latest in medical technology available, without having to travel long distances for expert care.” - Dr. Clint Purvance, Barton Health President & CEO 

Key features include:

  • A new overhead instrument arm architecture designed to facilitate anatomical access from virtually any position.
  • A new endoscope digital architecture that creates a simpler, more compact design with improved vision definition and clarity.
  • An ability to attach the endoscope to any arm, providing flexibility for visualizing the surgical site.
  • Smaller, thinner arms with newly designed joints that offer a greater range of motion than ever before.
  • Longer instrument shafts designed to give surgeons greater operative reach.

Surgeons from Barton General Surgery and Barton Obstetrics & Gynecology utilize the da Vinci Xi surgical unit for procedures resulting in less pain, less blood loss, shorter hospital stays, fewer complications, and a faster return to normal activities. Speak to your surgeon about what surgical procedure is right for you.


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