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Don't miss out on the kick-off event for our 2011 We Can! Wellness Challenge! Barton Health and the Lake Tahoe Unified School District invite you and your family to WALK THE BLOCK.  This event is for the entire South Lake Tahoe community to encourage fitness in our kids and in our families.  What a great way to meet new neighbors, have great conversations with your family about fitness and have fun in our great outdoors!  Walk your neighborhood at any time on September 21st. Download and share the flyer!

Fitness Tips

  1. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.
  2. Wear sunscreen when exercising outdoors and don't forget to reapply.
  3. Invite your friends or family to exercise with you – it makes it even more fun!
  4. Wear the appropriate athletic shoes and safety equipment, such as helmets, to avoid injuries.
  5. Bring extra healthy snacks while you're hiking or biking to keep your energy up.
  6. Dress in layers so you can stay warm or cool off depending on the weather outside.

The Timber Wolf Marathon Challenge

Sponsored by the Lake Tahoe Marathon and the South Lake Tahoe Optimist Club

To be eligible:

  • Must have a parent, teacher or coach initial your challenge booklet for each mile you run or walk
  • Must complete 25 miles by the date of the Timber Wolf Marathon in order to receive a medal
  • Must be age 3 - 12

Click here to for more information or to register for the marathon. Click on Kids Fun Run on the left.