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Barton Memorial Hospital Gift Shop Logo

The Gift Shop, located inside the main Lobby of Barton Memorial Hospital provides a popular service for the patients, visitors, employees, medical staff and the community. The proceeds from the Gift Shop benefit the healthcare services within Barton Memorial Hospital.

There is a wide variety of items for sale, from Aspirin to stuffed Zebras! Seasonal items also provide new and exciting items to purchase. Services and products include:

  • Boxed & wrapped Sees® Candy

  • Flowers arrangements

  • Newborn clothes & gifts

  • Stuffed animals

  • Candy bars, gum, etc.

  • Jewelry

  • Toiletries & OTC medicines

  • Hospice Entertainment Books

  • Greeting cards

  • Cold drinks

  • Collectible items

  • Picture frames & candles

  • Wind chimes

For your convenience, we also accept:

  • Visa & M/C

  • Employee payroll deductions