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Welcome to MyChart

Barton Health offers a secure, easy way for patients to manage their health care online. We know your health is important to you around the clock — not just during office hours. That's why Barton Health offers MyChart.

Use MyChart To:


Send and receive secure messages with your doctor's office
(Telehealth providers may not use MyChart)

My Chart

Request an appointment

Family Records

View your family member's record and message a doctor on their behalf

Test Results My Chart

View and print your test results

Medical History

View your medical records and medical history

Getting Started

  1. Request your MyChart Access Code at your next appointment.
  2. After you receive your Access Code, click here to Sign Up and activate account.
  3. If you do not have an Access Code, click here. You will be asked security questions to validate your identity.
  4. Download the MyChart app to access your personal records on the go.
    Get Android app | Get iPhone app

Note: Passwords must be between 8-20 characters, contain at least one letter and one number, and be different from the username.